Waldorf School in Mountain View, looms and other items for sale

posted Nov 2, 2013, 11:29 AM by carol gray
The Waldorf School of the Peninsula High School in Mountain View is interested in selling the looms and other items listed below.  The buyers would be responsible for moving them from storage in Sunnyvale.  (In other words, you would have to bring two strong people and a truck or van.)  At this point, we are considering bids, but may set minimum prices. Please contact Dotty Calabrese at dottycala@aol.com if you may be interested in any of the looms, tools, benches, etc. listed below.  If there is enough response, we may be able to arrange a day for viewing them.
Floor Looms for sale in good working condition:
1.     40” or 42” Gilmore 6-shaft
2.    45” Nilus Leclerc 4-shaft
3.    36” Nilus Leclerc 4-shaft
4.    40” or 42” Loomcraft 4-shaft
5.    40” or 42” Loomcraft 6-shaft
Table Looms for sale in good working condition:
1.     25” Schacht – 8-shaft
Floor Looms needing minimal work
1.     40” Harrisville 4-shaft
2.    Handmade pine very old 24” counterbalance
3.    24” LeClerc Dorthey 4-shaft table converted to floor loom
Table Looms needing minimal work
1.     20.5”  LeClerc 4-shaft
2.    20.5”  LeClerc 4-shaft
3.    20.5”  LeClerc 4-shaft
Eight different loom benches are available.
Various shuttles, yarns, and books.