Two looms for Sale in Livermore

posted Oct 2, 2010, 11:45 AM by carol gray   [ updated Oct 2, 2010, 1:03 PM ]

From Mary Callesen, who would like to reach weavers who might have an interest in one or both of the looms:

I have attached photos of a couple of looms that my husband, Walter Callesen, inherited from his mother, Sanda Callesen. Sanda was sightless and took up weaving as a hobby in Livermore. She was part of the Golden Gate Weavers guild and two members would come and help her get the yarn ready. Sanda passed away several years ago and my husband has been reluctant to get rid of the looms. He has finally decided it would be best for someone to have them to use instead of them sitting unused.

My husband said his mother mentioned the larger loom was made by Jim Aherens with some connection to AVL Looms in Chico, CA. It is 24 inch with three reeds and four pedals. The table top loom is a Nilus LeClerc Inc. loom from Canada.

Contact Information:

Mary and Walt Callesen