Floor looms and Table loom for sale

Large floor loom for sale
December 1, 2015

This loom is a little unconventional, and kind of a cool historical find. It was originally a large industrial loomstored on the university of Utah campus, and it was restored by my grandfather in Salt Lake City in the 1950s as a teaching loom for Mary Meigs Atwater. He took it with him when he moved to California in 1956. 

It has a foot print 44" deep x 42" across, and is 39" high, with a weaving width 39". It has 16 shafts, 18 pedals and comes with shuttles, 4 reeds, additional heddles and custom-made bench. I don't know the dent of the reeds off hand. The bench stands 23" high, 30" long. It could use a little TLC-- refinishing etc-- if the future owner wanted to undertake it. I have a Mary M Atwater "recipe book" with patterns that can come with the loom.

I'm living in Pacifica and the loom is currently disassembled and in storage in Belmont. I've woven on it, so I'm happy to answer questions about it, its action, and/or to take folks to see it, albeit disassembled. :)

Let me know if I can provide anything additional.


Table loom for sale
November 30, 2015

          24" + 4 1/2" handles wide x 20" deep x 18 1/2" high

Hello all,

This table loom belonged to my mother who passed away spring 2012. Her last weaving on it was red-white-blue😊
I do not know who made it; it does have a registry number shown in the last photograph. I do not know how old it is. My mother started her weaving journey in the late 60's--early 70's in Portland, Oregon.

I do not know a fair-reasonable sale price, so am open to conversation regarding that.
I have other items that also belonged to my mother that I would like to sell (such as wool carder) but I will forward pictures of those items separately.

My contact info is: cell phone 925-788-7439 or this email (hellovirginia@att.net)...I am located at 6445 Parklane Plaza, Martinez CA. 
Please connect back with me as you deem appropriate and THANK YOU in advance for helping find new homes and enthusiastic persons to work with my mother's items.

Holiday blessings,
Virginia MacDonald