Schacht Loom for sale

October 2016:
Schacht Highcastle Loom

8H Schacht Highcastle Loom: Maple. Inserted Eye Heddles. Easy tie-up system. Removable Breast and
Back beams. New Brake. Sectional Beam, 18” circumference. Four Leash Sticks. (See photos below)

• Custom Cherry Bench (designed copied from LeClerc bench). Fixed Height. Storage Under Seat. 
Two Built in Pockets.

• LeClerc Bobbin Rack. Holds 40 Four inch Bobbins/Spools. Easy to Store. Includes 30 Cardboard Spools
• Metal Temple. 32” to 51” Capacity.

• Located in San Ramon. Must be picked up by October 25

PRICE: $1100

Contact: Joan Leon at