Loom for sale - 32 inch, 8 harness

August 22, 2016

I have a loom that has been gathering dust in my home for a number of years. I had only just learned to weave when I bought it and haven't done any weaving since. I would like to sell or donate it to a group or person.

It is a "table loom", but sits on it's own stand and has a bench that goes with it. It is 32" wide with 8 shafts. I have assorted stuff to go with it. I have little hope of having time over the next two years of using it and hate to see it sit idly by.

It was made by a craftsman in Australia - no brnd name

You can call me on 415-465-3553 or email me here. I live in Fairfax and am moving to Terra Linda at the beginning of September so would like to have someone take it by then.

Thanks for any help/ideas you can give me.
Laurie Baccash