Large multi-harness loom for sale

February 2016
Large multi-harness loom for sale

Since I've been spending all my time lately working on the jacquard loom, my 40-shaft loom has been going unloved. So I'm selling it to reclaim space in my garage.

Here are the specs on the loom:
  • Loom model is an AVL 40, the predecessor to the A-series
  • 40 shafts
  • 48″ weaving width
  • Compudobby II
  • E-lift
  • Options and accessories:
    • Two sectional warp beams, one 1-yard circumference and one 1/2-yard circumference
    • AVL sandpaper beam
    • Bottom-swing beater
    • AVL new-style auto-advance
    • Fireside rolling temples
    • 8 reeds:
      • 5-dent (48″)
      • 7-dent (48″)
      • 9-dent (40″)
      • 10-dent (48″)
      • 12-dent (36″)
      • 15-dent (48″)
      • 16-dent (48″)
      • 18-dent (48″)
      • 20-dent (48″)
    • 4000+ heddles
    • AVL Warping Wheel, which allows sectional warping from as little as a single cone, without spool racks and tension box.
    • tons of 48″ warp sticks if you would rather beam as a plain beam
    • (optional) a large dolly mounted on leveling casters (which convert from feet to wheels) to enable the loom to be moved about easily.
There are pictures on my website, at

I'm advertising it at $15K generally but will sell to guild members and their friends at $13,000. If you don't want the warping wheel, I'll knock another $400 off and make it $12,600. I am willing to help reassemble and/or troubleshoot if you are in the SF Bay Area. If you are not, I can disassemble but you are responsible for crating, shipping, and insurance.

The loom is currently set up and you are welcome to come by for a test drive. I live in Sunnyvale, CA.

Please forward to anyone you know who might be interested.