Looms and Spinning Wheel April 2019


                       4 Treadles

                       Counterbalance Harness

                       Shuttle & Bobbin

                        Heddle Bar

                       Warping Board


     $600.00 Or Best Offer:  Looking for a good home for the loom            

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Maple Floor Loom and Oak Spinning Wheel For Sale

       Beautiful Maple Floor Loom in Excellent Condition with all accessories
Oak Spinning Wheel, Swift and Niddy-Noddy

Details and photos below.

Suzanne McCulloch
Berkeley CA

It is best to contact Suzanne by email: suzannemcculloch@gmail.com

Solid Eastern Rock Maple Jack Loom for Sale

8 harnesses, 14 treadles, weaves 46” wide

Includes: rattle, 2 stainless reeds (6, 10), stainless heddles, sectional warp beam,

Gilmore loom bench with drawer, warping sticks, 10 boat shuttles, 24 bobbins, bob-
bin winder, 7 additional shuttles, combs, hooks and warping board as well as

weaving books. Excellent condition! $1800.

Complete setup for home or studio, capable of weaving fine fabrics to wall hangings.
Loom is 58” W x 44” deep x 38” H.

May be disassembled for moving.

    Double drive Ashford type solid oak spinning wheel, with distaff for     flax, 3 bobbins; includes 1 yard niddy-noddy, swift, roving, flat             carders.     Excellent Condition $500

Contact: Suzanne McCulloch suzannemculloch@gmail.com