Programs 2014-2015

September 19, 2014:  Sharing summer experiences, planning for the coming year, and our annual stash sale.

October 24: Presentation on lace weaving by Jannie Taylor, followed by a round robin workshop Friday afternoon and all day Saturday. 

The schedule for the rest of the year will be posted soon.

Programs 2013-2014
September 10, 2013
  • Show and Tell
  • Swap and Sell
  • Meetings scheduled or planned (MHBinger)
  • Next Meeting: Pam Murdock and Vilija Deutschman: Purses and Bags from your Handwoven cloth
  • Guild Challenge ideas and input
October 25, 2013 (Fourth Friday of the month)
        Purses and Bags from your Handwoven fabric(s)
Presented by Vilija and Pam. Bring your handwoven fabric, ideas and questions. Presentation will involve sharing ideas, materials lists, problem solving, embellishment, suggestions, etc. Sewing the purse or bag will be the homework!

November 22, 2013 (Fourth Friday of the month)
        Inkle loom weaving

December - Holiday Luncheon: December 13 at Vilija's

January 24, 2014 (Fourth Friday)
        Saori Weaving Group project: Presented by Lynn Harris; group participation encouraged.

February 28, 2014 (Fourth Friday): Changed to the fourth Friday of the month as Stitches West is on the third weekend:

The February program will be Anastasia Azure: Weaving sculptural forms with monofilament and wire. 
March 21, 2014 - (Third Friday) 

    "My Textile (Mis)adventures, or How I Save Projects from the Scrap Pile"

    Presentation by Eve Connor, past president of Loom and Shuttle Guild in San Francisco, on using embellishment techniques.
    Eve has been sewing for more than 60 years, taught by her mother and grandmother, and weaving for about 8 years. For her garments she         uses techniques such as as quilting, embroidery, kumihimo, Greek finger lace, and various sewing techniques.
     She will have garments to display and will talk about each garment from idea to completion.  
April 18, 2013 (Third Friday; meeting at the clubhouse, Rolling Green town house complex, Pleasant Hill):
Presentation on making synthetic silk.

CNCH 2014 is April 25, 26, 27 at the Oakland Convention Center

May 23, 2013 (Fourth Friday) All day with Joan Ruane
  • Lecture: Cotton Fiber to Fabric, weaving with hand-spun and commercial cotton on a charka or takli
    ("anyone can learn to spin cotton in half a day", says she!)
  • Presented by Joan Ruane; Diable Weavers will share costs for Joan's transportation and lodging with Treadles to Threads and Spindles and Flyers Gyuilds, where Joan is presenting programs and workshops on spinning cotton.
June Summer lunch and project day; date to be determined by hostess and guild.
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