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October 2015

October 2015

Out next meeting will be October 23, 2015
10:00 at the Ygnacio Valley library

Diablo Weavers Guild meets in Walnut Creek, usually on the third or fourth Friday of the month from September through June, 10:00 am until noon or a little later. 
New members and guests are welcome. 

In September, December and June we meet at a member's home. Other meetings are usually held at the Thurman Casey Library in Walnut Creek (Ygnacio Valley Library).

Thurman G. Casey Library
2661 Oak Grove Rd.
Walnut Creek CA 94598

Library location details and a map:
Meeting location

Dues for the year 2015 - ’16 are $30 per person, or $40 for a family.

October 23, Meeting and Video

The October meeting will be at the library on the fourth Friday of the month, October 23, 2015.

The program will be a video on weaving with supplementary warps. This will feature how to use supplementary warps without a second back beam.

Joan will have information about the upcoming CNCH Conference in Modesto in April.

Snack for the meetingJoan A. & Carol Causey        

Programs for 2015-2016 are still being planned. Additional details and dates will be added to the program page, Programs 2015-2016

November 13, 2015 will be a presentation by Daryl Lancaster.
Note that this is the second Friday of the month, a change from our normal meeting time. We will also have a different location, at Kris' Clubhouse in Pleasant Hill.

Details will be posted as it comes closer to the meeting date. 
See Daryl's web site for more information.

Local Events

UC Berkeley Botanical Garden Dye Workshop

Colors of the Americas: Cochineal Workshop

Workshop | October 18 | 10 a.m.-4 p.m. |  UC Botanical Garden

Come learn the art of natural dyeing with Cochineal. Cochineal has been used historically in the Americas for centuries and its deep red color comes from the tiny scale insects who live on Opuntia cacti. Textile scholar Yoshiko Wada will be teaching the course. You'll learn how to produce a range of hues from cochineal by using a variety of mordants.

Registration required: $125/ $100 Garden members

Registration info: Register online, or by calling 510-664-9841, or by emailing

Event Contact:, 510-664-9841

Susie Hodges, Jewel Lake Scarves, cotton and tencel, will be on display at the Education Center in Tilden Park.

Golden Gate Weavers Guild

Weavings and Tapestries Exhibit

September 1 - October 31, 2015

Tuesday - Sunday 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Tilden Nature Area, Environmental Education Center,

North End of Central Park Drive, Tilden Regional Park.

Berkeley, CA 94708

For more information call 510-544-2233

Sonoma Valley Museum of Art Exhibit:

September 12, 2015 to December 6, 2015

Prior to formal schooling, children between the ages of 5 and 10 in the small Coptic Christian village of Harrania, located at the foot of the Giza Pyramids, were selected to weave images created entirely in their mind’s eye. The joys of childhood fantasy came to life on their looms. The Egyptian Village, which up to 30 years ago had not known changes for 2000 years and had no source of income but farming, now prospers. Its tapestry artists are internationally famous and their work is prized throughout the world.

A Herd of Camels, Fatma Awad

Two Workshop opportunities with Mother Load Weavers and Spinners:

These two workshops were opened to the MLW&S Guild on September 8, but there are still spaces available. 

Check with Carol C. for more information.

Jennifer Moore Workshop

Warp Color Blending and Space-dyed Warp Shifting 

November 18, 2015 

One of the most striking features of Jennifer Moore’s weaving is her use of subtle and bold color gradations. In this workshop Jennifer will teach two different methods that she uses to achieve these effects in her work. In the first method a range of solid colored yarns are mixed together optically by alternating them end-on-end in both the warp and the weft and juxtaposing the gradated yarns against a solid background color. In the second method yarns that have been space-dyed in the skein are organized in the process of winding the warp to achieve a smooth gradation throughout the warp. Jennifer will teach both how to design warps and how to wind them to achieve spectacular effects.

Day/Time: Wednesday, Nov. 18, 2015

Location: Weaving Studio in Columbia

Level: all

Class Fee: $54 CNCH Guild members/$79/Non Members

Enrollment: Maximum - 10 students, Registration for this workshop will be held at the September 8, 2015, Guild meeting. 

Material fee – none, if all materials and equipment are provided

Materials required – Perle cotton, preferably 3/2 or 5/2 in as wide a range of colors as possible

         and two cones of a solid neutral color; at least one skein of a space-dyed yarn in any fiber, pre-wound into balls

Equipment needed – At least one warping board or warping reel, scissors, scrap yarn for ties, cone holder if available 

Doubleweave: Beyond the Basics By Jennifer Moore

November 16 & 17 (Mon & Tue)

In this round robin workshop, participants will explore what can be done with multiple layers of cloth on both a 4- and 8-shaft loom.

 We will weave samples and study the theory behind a variety of structures, including the following: 4-Shaft– 4-Color Sampler, 4-Color Block Rotation, Double-block Layer Exchange, Tubular Log Cabin, Overshot-Patterned Doubleweave 8-Shaft- 4- Layer Weaves, Folded Twill Cloth, Decorative Stitching, Checkerboard, Windows, Two Double-blocks, Twill Pick-up, Block Pickup.


For more information on Jennifer Moore, please visit her web site at:

The Guild’s studio has five floor looms available, first come first reserved. 

Day/Time: November 16 & 17 (Mon & Tue)

Location: Weaving Studio

Level: intermediate students will use a 4-shaft table or floor loom, pre-warped according to instructions.

Class Fee: $125 deposit/CNCH Guild Members,$150/Non Members

Lab Fee: $10

Enrollment: Maximum - 8 students. 

Questions: Contact Christine Hall by e-mail, 

NOTE: The MLW&S Guild by-laws state that all workshops must be cost covering. Several Guilds are sharing in the costs for air & ground transportation for Jennifer More to travel to California, and final travel costs have not been determined at this time. A minimal additional fee may be required to cover costs for transportation. 

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