November-December 2011 Minutes

Diablo Weaver’s Guild Meeting Minutes Nov. 18, 2011


Joan Anderson called the meeting to order (in the absence of other travelling officers). 

Lillian had the treasurer’s report from Vilija.  The guild account stands at $2394.06 at the moment (Nov. 18).  We have about $1400 in outgoing payments to make, so the guild is still flush at just under $1000.


Kris gave a short update on registration for CNCH 2012, including the story about way too many people all trying to get online at 9 am and bouncing their fingers on the refresh key, so that she couldn’t get in to activate the link.  After the initial delay, registration went (and continues to go) well.  Many classes have already closed, so it’s a good idea to get your registration in before more classes fill.


Vilija is hosting the guild for its holiday party on Dec. 16, at 11 am.  It’ll be our usual format again, where each of us should bring a small gift and potluck luncheon item to share.


Upcoming Programs: 


Our December meeting is dedicated to the aforementioned holiday party.


The January meeting will be with a representative from the Lace Museum in Sunnyvale.  The meeting will be held at Joan’s clubhouse.  We are encouraged to bring in our own lace items to share.


In February Lillian will be doing a program on rep weave.


November’s Program:


Our speaker for November was Bonnie Wells, a dyer and surface design artist, talking about “My Life in Cloth”.