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Minutes November 2012

Diablo Weavers Guild notes from meeting of November 16, 2012 

Carol Causey welcomed everyone to the meeting.

Vilija Deutschman reported a balance of $2,207.28 in the checking account.  She also reported that expenses for the workshop were covered.  We discussed making a contribution to the fund to Rebuild Judith's Studio. There was a fire at Judith MacKenzie's studio, and everything was lost.  Joan Anderson made a motion to donate $200 to the fund.  Mary Helen Binger seconded the motion. The vote was unanimous.

Vilija also read a note from Donna Druchanas.

Joan Anderson gave the CNCH report.  Ten classes are full for the upcoming conference.  The committee has been good about getting back to people with any questions.  Hotel registration has been easy.  Joan has 2 books and registration forms.  Remember, you need to provide your own lanyard.  There is a lanyard contest, but you do not need to enter.

Sharon Gardner reported on programs for the year. 

January - Nancy Roberts will talk about hand dyed yarns on machine knit blanks.  This meeting will be on the 4th Friday in January.  To preview the program, visit Nancy's website:  If you want to order from her, she will bring your order to the meeting.

February - Kris & Sharon will talk about e-textiles

March - Eugenia Bothy will talk about collecting basketsApril - Kate & Will Taylor will talk about ancient and modern Incan weaving.

May - Sara Lamb will give a talk about braiding in the morning, followed by a mini workshop in the afternoon on finger braiding.

Vilija reported on the challenge.  Some ideas are: 1) 2 block profile draft, 2) kitchen item, 3) Anne Sutton design game, and 4) choose a color.  The 2 block profile draft was chosen for the challenge.  Please have your challenge ready for the June meeting!


Joan Anderson said there was an article in the New York Times on art weaving. www.nytimes.com2012/11/12/arts/design/mark-barrow-and-sarah-parkes-homespun

Linda Van Heertum had a note from Bonnie Wells. Arlene Wall is looking for a scarf weaver.

Carol Causey had an email from Black Sheep Handweavers about a workshop with Tien Chu on Jan. 19 and 20 in Redwood City.  Workshop fee is $80.

Show & Tell was followed by the break.

Sharon Gardiner introduced our speaker, Phyllis Karsten, who spins, weaves, and sews textiles from cotton.  She has written a book, "From Fiber To Fashion".   Her home is at Birdsong Ranch in San Jose, California, and she can be reached at