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Minutes May 2015

Diablo Weavers Guild
May 29, 2015

This meeting was held at the home of Margie Kaplan, during the Woven Shibori 
Dye Day.  Meeting was at the lunch break.  There was no formal opening to the 

First discussion was about next year's slate of officers.  All slots were filled 
except Program Chair.  More on this later.

Upcoming Programs:

June 12, 2015:  Note meeting time is 11 a.m. at Vilija's house.  Bring an item for 
the Pot luck lunch.  Also, bring your completed Woven Shibori project from today, 
and bring the references for whatever project you did today.

Sept. 2015:  At Carol Causey's home.  Topic: What I did last summer, as well 
as the usual sell/exchange.

Oct. 2015: TBA

Nov. 13, 2015: Guest speaker Darryl Lancaster
Dec. 2015:  Holiday Luncheon

Jan 2016:  TBA
Feb 2016:  TBA
Mar 2016:  TBA
Apr 2016:  TBA
May 2016:  TBA
June 2016:  Picnic Day Potluck Luncheon

Linda Van Heertum and Vilija introduced the upcoming Darryl Lancaster sewing 
workshop. It will be held Nov. 8 - 12.  At this time it is expected to cost $250 to 
$350 per participant.  The location for the workshop hasn't been settled yet.  If 
you know of a reasonably priced place, please contact Linda or Vilija.

Next we brainstormed program ideas for the 2015-16 year.  Some of the ideas:

1.  Woven square exchange. the woven square to be used in a finished project.  
This could also be a possible guild project for the 2016 Conference.

2.  Shibori Square exchange - or- weave a textured solid color square for the 

3.  Joan Anderson volunteered to contact Suzy Taylor for a possible program, 
perhaps in Oct. 2015.

4.  Kris Peerand suggested we use some of the talent in the guild and do some 
type of home grown program.

5.  Madelyn van der Hoogt's video on comparing weaving software

6.  Other weaving video programs on varying topics

7.  Carol Gray will contact a friend in the rug business for a possible program on 

Back to the election...

Next year's officers:

President -  Kris Peerand
Secretary - Pam Murdock
Treasurer - Vilija
Hospitality - Joan Leon
CNCH Liaison - Vilija
Programs - Chair TBA with a committee of volunteers

The slate of officers was accepted unanimously.

CNCH Liaison Report
Joan Anderson reported that the 2017 alternative conference will be held the first 
week of May at Asilomar.
2016 will have 2 conferences - the main "big" conference in Modesto in the 
spring, and a 1 day annual meeting type of conference in the fall at the Alameda 
County Fairgrounds.

Kris shared around 3 copies of "Shuttle, Spindle, and Dyepot" featuring some 
work by Lillian Whipple.

Meeting was adjourned.