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Meeting Notes April 2017

Diablo Weavers Guild

April 21, 2017 Meeting notes

President Kris Peerand opened the meeting.

Show and Tell:
Members and guests had several items to share, including many interesting woven items—some handspan as well—and in addition textile items purchased abroad. Carol C. presented her picnic project, a variety of leno samples and scarves, using different techniques.

Guild business:
A reminder to complete your picnic project for the June luncheon gathering. This is something inspired by older editions of Weavers, Handwoven, and other older magazines, which were randomly selected. If you didn’t receive a magazine, you can select one at random from older magazines you may have on hand.

Treasurer’s report:
Vilija reported that we have $1,000 in the savings account and $899.80 in checking.

The conference is coming up soon. If you have an item to donate to the Silent Auction you can either bring it with you to the conference or give it to Joan to take to Asilomar if you are not attending CNCH. Also email Eugenia (BABM) with information about the item you are bringing. See our web site for more details about the Silent Auction fundraiser.

Programs Committee: 
The May meeting, on Friday, May 26, will be preparing an Ikat warp and will take place at the library. Vilija has a cone of cotton—10/2 Astro Supreme, bleached, 1500 - 1600 yards—for everyone to use for their warp. Please bring a warping board if you have one. All materials, such as tape to prepare the Ikat wraps will be provided, along with instructions. We have the library for an extended time that day, so there should be plenty of time to do the warping. Note: This Ikat warping and dyeing workshop is free for members.

At the June gathering we will dye the warp. If you are part of Treadles to Threads, their dye day is the following day, presenting another dye possibility.

We need officers for next year! Please let Kris know if you can fill a position. Next month the list of officers for next year will be finalized.

Break for refreshments.

Pat Stewart gave a very interesting talk and slide show about her techniques and explorations of double weave, using parallel threading to enable multiple blocks on an 8-harness loom and reduce the number of treadles needed. She also had many samples of her work, lovely double woven scarves and more. She had handouts with detailed information. If you did not receive a handout, please let Kris know and she will have a copy made for you.