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January 2015

January 2015

Meeting: Friday, January 23, 2015
(fourth Friday of the month)

10:00 AM at the library

Diablo Weaving Guild meets in Walnut Creek, usually on the third or fourth Friday of the month from September through June.
New members and guests are welcome. 

In September, December and June we meet at a member's home. Other meetings are held at the Thurman Casey Library in Walnut Creek.
Library location details and a map:
Meeting location

Triaxial Weaves - A Short Workshop
Triaxial weaves use three elements that intersect at 120 degrees. Not so easy to do on our "biaxial"  looms, but great fun to play around with on a table. Fabrics or papers woven in these weaves are very strong and have no bias so the resulting product is quite stiff and does not drape well. On a large scale, you can make sections of clothing with mad weave, but in our mini workshop we will simply learn the basics and maybe make a few greeting cards for those of us who still use snail mail on occasion.

Bring any or all of the following if you have it handy:
  • Pins, the longer, bigger headed ones work easiest
  • A 5", or longer, needle with a big eye and dull point if you want to try to weave with ribbon/fabric
  • Scissors
  • Strips of fabric, paper, ribbon cut in equal widths [1/4 to 3/4 inches wide] [paper cannot be too fragile or it will easily tear or crinkle when you try to weave]
  • rotary cutter and mat if you plan to cut fabric in classa 30 degree and 60 degree triangle if you have on
  • A 30 degree and 60 degree triangle if you have one
We will provide a board of some sort to pin into. You can bring your own if you have one, but guide lines will need to be drawn on it to make the weaving easier.

Snack for the meeting in January:  Maureen and Carol G.

Upcoming meetings: 

February 20 (third Friday):
The program will be a video about shibori weaving. Guild members will have until May to weave on their own in preparation for the May dyeing workshop.

More program details on the Programs Page: Programs 2014-2015

Magic and mystery of Pirot carpets
Sharon forwarded the link below, which has photos and video clips about the traditional carpets of Serbia, woven over generations.
This is part of a series from CNN International about Serbia.

Local Events

Aiko will have her tapestries showing in San Francisco.

201 California Street
Lobby at Front Street, San Francisco
November 3, 2014 - January 3, 2015

Sales and info WilliamTorphy Fine Arts

The lobby gallery is open 7 AM-7 PM Monday- Friday.
By appointment in the evening and weekend. (Please contact William by email to arrange being greeted by a security person during the evening and weekend.)
Aiko Kobayashi Gray
Attachments a

CNCH 2015, April 9 - 12 at the Asilomar Conference Center:
All classes are full, but you can contact the registrar by email to be placed on a waiting list
 or for any other registration related questions:

If you are attending the Conference and have not made a room reservation, 
note that the reserved block of rooms is filling up and this will be a busy weekend 
with other events happening in the area.
Link to the Asilomar Housing form:

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Header photo: Coloured wool: By Sfuarch480 (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons