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Minutes February 2014

Diablo Weavers Guild
February 28, 2014

Carol Causey opened the meeting and welcomed members and guests.

Treasurer's Report: balance of $2,052.98

Joan Anderson gave the CNCH report:
Entry form needs to have a photo. If you want the guild to pay the entry fee, 
get it to Vilija by 3/10/14. Enty forms are due by 3/15/14. The fee is $5, if not 
prepared by then, you can send it yourself. "The Devil Made Me Do It" bags are 
due at the March meeting.

You can still register for the conference. Vendor numbers are down.

Mary Helen Binger told us about upcoming programs

3/21/14 - Eve Conner on "My Textile Misadventures - or How I Saved Fabric 
from the Scrap Pile!"

4/18/14 - At Kris Peerand's clubhouse. Topic TBA

5/23/14 - Joan Ruane - Cotton fiber for weavers. There will be a small workshop 
in the afternoon: Spinning cotton off the point - tahkli or charka.

9/14 - at Lillian's - stash swap/sale.

10/24 & 25 Jannie Taylor. Program in the morning, 1 1/2 day workshop Friday 
p.m. and all day Saturday.


Will Taylor said Spinning at the Winery will be 6/7/14

Sharon Gardner said there was a Fiber and Dye exhibit at Berkeley Botanical 
Gardens. Workshops in March

Joan told us about a bead show at the Concord Hilton.

Show & Tell/ Break

Today's Program:

Out speaker today was Anastasia Azure. She talked about a museum 
exhibit "Ocean Blue". Artists and oceanographers were paired to make art based on science.