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Minutes - February 2011

Diablo Weaver’s Guild Meeting Minutes Feb 18, 2011


Carol Causey called the meeting to order. 


Vilija gave the treasurer’s report.  The guild account stands at $1903.51.  And the annual guild assessment to CNCH has been paid.


CNCH and Guild Business:


There was discussion about the tax reporting requirements that seem to have been misunderstood before now, and remain not well understood. The issue is the guilds status as a non-profit by virtue of our membership in CNCH which is a registered 501(c)(3).  The consensus was to wait for further clarification from the CNCH board. 


Upcoming Programs: 


In March, we’ll have Linda Hartshorn presenting a program on natural dyes with handwoven textiles.


And in April, Diablo will have it’s own frog fling with the handmade fiber frogs we may choose to make in conjunction with the 2011 Sutter Creek conference.


February’s Program: 


Due to a family emergency, our scheduled speaker was forced to cancel.  Our program instead was a viewing of the first hour of the Peter Collingwood interview DVD done by Stacey Harvey-Brown in conjunction with Complex Weavers in 2008.


Respectfully submitted,  Kris Peerand