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Board Meeting Notes - Summer 2017

Diablo Weavers Board meeting

June 21, 2017

Abbreviated Minutes (plus dates that are now known)

1. The future of Diablo Weavers is considered. Do we want to make changes is the way we do things?

2. Budget for speakers - $150/speaker at a minimum

3. Potential programs

a. Leon Mayeri – Golden Age Rug Importers – Presentation on Persian Rugs – Carol Gray to take point

b. Fibershed – Robin Lynde, Stephanie Wilks, find a weaver to present – Joan Anderson to take point

c. Judith McKenzie – weaving, fiber in a weaving context, setup a lecture, Friday afternoon workshop and continue 1 or 2 days with a workshop – Reba Siero to take point – work with Will and Kate Taylor

d. Using slide frames to make little works of woven art – Joan Anderson to lead

e. Flax and linen presentation – Vilija Deutschman to lead

f. Deflected Doubleweave – Ask Margie to ask SF City College teacher to present, or do an in-house event – DVD? With Madelyn van der Hoogt

g. Rag Rugs – DVD with Tom Knisely

h. Boutinée (sp)/Pibiones presentation –

I. Network Drafting presentation –

j. Linda Van Heertum retrospective –

k. Susie Hodges retrospective – at her home? – Vilija to take point

l. Debbie Anderson – Fimo Buttons – Reba to take point (NOTE: Debbie does not wish to travel so far alone. When she presented for my Machine Knitters Guild, she was driven by one of our members.)

Possible Picnic projects/Challenge Projects:

1. If Debbie Anderson in November or January – then make it a picnic project

2. Use the “Design Game” in Ann Sutton and Diane Sheehan – Ideas in Weaving, 1989 - Make it a Challenge Project

3. Use a photo of a bird as inspiration

Schedule for the Year

September – September 15 at Carol Causey’s – sharing summer experiences, planning for the coming year, and our annual stash sale

October – October 27

November – November 17

December – Holiday Party

January –

February –

March –

April –

May –

June – Picnic Project, Challenge Project