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May 2017

Hand Woven Ikat Diablo Style

May 26, Friday, making and tying warps. Library, 10 am to 3 pm BRING A LUNCH
June16, Friday, Picnic and Dye Day for your warps. Vilija’s home, 10 am on.

Be prepared to make some warps for weaving over the summer. Our next meeting will be a one day workshop where you will learn to warp up and tie up for Ikat.   Everyone who participates gets one six-ounce cone of perle cotton [approx. 1500 yards]. If you know you want to work with s different fiber that you already have, bring it to the meeting.

Our plan is to make small warp bouts, that will later be dyed and then combined with your own other warp yarns to create a warp striped cloth. The width you want to make the stripes is up to you. You will learn how to secure sections of your warp so that the dye will not penetrate. Dyeing will be done at the June Picnic. If you have some 10/2 cotton in colors, you can use that also and then over-dye the sections you don’t tie-off.

The warp must be kept under tension while tying off the sections that will not dye. If you have a portable warping board  or a portable warping mill that you can bring to the meeting, that would be great. If you have a rigid heddle loom with warping pegs, bring the warping pegs. Otherwise, we will have something similar on which to do your warping and tying. Obviously, we won’t be making 10 yard warps here, but you should get enough to weave up a scarf.

If you would like to make a skein to ikat dye for WEFT, a skein winder works great for that. Bring one if you want to try this.

Only other materials to bring is your own pair of scissors and a lunch. 

This workshop is free for all paid up Diablo members, everyone is invited to participate.