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April 2013 minutes

Diablo Weaver Notes – April 26, 2013

The meeting was called to order by Vilja in Carol’s absence.

Vilja said we have $1638.28 in the Treasury but she thinks it is $3 off and will get it corrected next month.

The picnic meeting is scheduled for June 7 at Vilija’s at 11 am.  It is a pot luck.  There is no project yet so we are open to ideas.  Lillian said she could bring all the Complex Weavers Fine Threads books and we could peruse them.

CNCH has opened up individual classes for $75 for a 3 hour class.  If you are interested go to their site on   The Textile Parade entries have been extended until May 10.  Remember if you are going you need to bring your own lanyard.  It can be something in the competition or just a ribbon or something from past years.

Kate brought up the idea of a booth at Retlaff Winery either for a Wine Weekend or for Christmas that we could sell our things and give a percentage to Diablo.  She will find out the dates.  There seemed to be more interest in the Christmas event.

The program was a trip that Will and Kate made to Peru and the headwaters of the Amazon to watch birds.  They also found lots of fiber related events in small towns and museums that they shared.