"The History of Knitting in Lithuania" with Donna Druchunas

November 10, Saturday, 10am at the Walnut Creek United Methodist Church, 1543 Sunnyvale Ave. Walnut Creek, 94597 The church is behind "Wendy's Hamburgers" on North Main, but accessible from Sunnyvale Ave. [just past Wendy's if you're going north on N. Main]

How lucky are we to have two meetings this November. Schedules collided and this is what worked out. There will also be a regular meeting at our Library on Nov. 16th.

 The Nov. 10th meeting features a talk in the morning and a Beaded Knit Wrister workshop in the afternoon with Donna. Donna left the corporate world years ago to pursue her love of knitting. Her studies, both in the craft of knitting itself, as well as delving into the histories of knitted garments in several countries has resulted in several books so far:  'Arctic Lace", "Successful Lace Knitting", "Kitty Knits", "Ethnic Knitting Exploration: Lithuania, Iceland and Ireland", and she just finished a book about knitting in Lithuania as well as a DVD about knitting Lithuanian Socks 

 We will break for lunch at about noon and if you would like to participate in a pot-luck lunch, you are welcome to stay. The Guild will provide a BIG bowl of salad and we ask everyone else to bring salad fixings, anything that can go in or along side the salad. Coffee and tea will also be provided. 

Workshop participants with then begin at about 1 pm. We have 22 people in the workshop so far. If you think you may be interested, and don't mind being a part of a large group, email Vilija to sign up. The wrister knitting is easy enough for beginners, so it shouldn't be very difficult. Although, we will be learning how to make a bead pattern for knitting, stringing the beads and knitting them in according to the pattern.