Minutes - October 2010

Diablo Weaver’s Guild Meeting Minutes Oct. 15, 2010

 Carol Causey called the meeting to order. 

 Vilija gave the treasurer’s report.  The guild account stands at $1702.20.

CNCH Announcements:

In the absence of our official liaison, Kris and Joan reported on the Liaisons luncheon in September at Sutter Creek.  The 2011 Sutter Creek conference committee presented the plans for the upcoming conference.  Workshop and registration information is available online at cnch.org.

Judy Fisher, the new editor for CNCHnet, also gave a short talk at the luncheon, encouraging folks to read and to contribute to this new online journal for CNCH.

And not announced at the meeting (because I forgot):  Liaisons voted unanimously to admit the Central Coast Weavers Guild into CNCH.  They will become a part of Area 2.

Upcoming Programs: 

Vilija reviewed the programs she’s planned for us in the upcoming year.

            Nov – Making Thrum Jewelry

            Jan – Michael Rhode on his travels to eastern Tibet and the work it inspired

            Feb – Lynn Harris on Saori weaving

            Mar – Linda Hartshorn on natural dyes and handwoven textiles

            Apr – Handmade frogs for conference

            May – still open

            June – guild picnic

Also, save the dates for an exciting workshop next year—Oct. 28-30, 2011, Diablo will be having a workshop with Anita Mayer.

October’s Program: 

Vilija gave us a program on doubleweave.  Doubleweave is going to be the guild project for this year.  We are all encouraged to do a project using doubleweave this year with the goal of bringing to share at the June picnic.

Respectfully submitted,  Kris Peerand