Meeting Notes January 2015

Treasurers report
Due to Bank of America charging a fee, we have moved our account to Travis 
Credit Union.  Checking balance - $1,324 and savings balance - $1000.

CNCH report
Asilomar is sold out, we now have Merrill Hall.  Check in will be there.  Please 
make containers for the Scholarship raffle. Containers can be a purse, bowl, box. 
Must be hand woven, hand spun, or hand felted.


Susie H - Jan Langdon show at Pt Reyes Station, Toby's Feed Store & Gallery, 
Jan. 2 - 29, 2015.  Also, current catalog for Richmond Art Center.
Yoshiko Wada speaks March 21, 2015 at Textile Arts Council
Will Taylor - Open House at Sacramento Weavers Guild, and Spinning at the Winery.


February Catherine Ellis video - Woven Shibori
March Reba Siero will talk about rigid heddle looms.
April Penny Peters on Bateman Weaves

Show and Tell and Refreshments

Today's program

Vilija presented a program on Tri Axial Weaves - weaving on a flat plane.  Based 

on the book "Hex Weave and MAD Weave" and Introduction to Tri axial weaving 

by Elizabeth Lang-Harris and Charlene St. John.

Vilija supplied us with foam core boards and angles, and we attempted this type 

of weaving.