March 2014 Minutes

Diablo Weavers Guild
March 21, 2014

Joan Anderson opened the meeting.

Treasurer's Report: $1.668.48

Joan has a list of Conference dates to remember, and entry forms. If you have 
any finished bags, they can be given to Vilija by April 1. She will mail them by 
April 5, 2014. Vilija has tags for any bags.

Joan told us any donations for the conference raffle can be brought on Friday of  the Conference.

Programs - Mary Helen Binger

The April program will one week early due to conference. The meeting date is 
April 18, 2014, at Kris Peerand's clubhouse - Rolling Green in Pleasant Hill. 
The clubhouse is in the pool area, closest to Brandon. The official parking lot is at the east end.

The program is on Refractered materials - spider silk and yeast. Speaker is David Jason. 

Friday May 23: Joan Ruane will talk in the morning. There will be a workshop in 
the afternoon at the library. The workshop will be about spinning off the point on a takli or charka.

Friday June 20: Picnic project - dye workshop

Looking ahead to next year,
Friday, Sept. 19, 2014: at Lillian's: reorganize, swap, sell.

FrIday, Oct. 24, 2014: Jannie Taylor - morning program. Friday afternoon, all 
day Saturday, 10/25/14 workshop. Fee - TBA

Wilma Seppala was a guest today. She is donating a loom to a group teaching 
rag rug weaving to former prisoners.

Susie told us about the Bar Area Heritage Quilters show - Voices in Cloth - this weekend in Richmond.

San Jose Quilt Museum has a wearable art exhibit, and a lecture series.

Complex Weavers' Traveling Show is coming to Tacoma, at Hotel Murano. It may come to San Jose.


Today's program was a talk and trunk show with Eve Conner. 
Eve has been sewing since she was a child, and began weaving 6 or 7 years ago.