Meeting Minutes February 2013

Diablo Weavers Guild meeting notes from February 15, 2013

 President Carol Causey opened the meeting.  There was a guest today, Terry Carpenter.

 Treasurer's report:  Vilija Deutschman reported a balance of $1,647.28.  She also reminded us that from now on coffee service would be hot water only, with tea and instant coffee available.

 CNCH:  Joan Anderson reported that the Advisory Council want to communicate through an e mail server.  They plan to use Mail Chimp.  Individuals can unsubscribe if they wish.

 Feb. 16 is the deadline for Early Bird registration. 17 classes are full. If you want to participate in the Textile Parade, please submit an entry form. Joan has lanyard supplies - please remember that this year you must bring your own lanyard.


 Will Taylor said that even though 17 classes are full at the conference, many classes are still open.  Will also announced that Stephanie Gausted would be teaching Spinning For Weavers through Walnut Creek Civic Arts

 Sharon Gardner said the San Jose Quilt & Textiles Museum has an exhibit of folk Indian textiles.

 Programs:  Sharon Gardner reported the upcoming meeting programs.  In March, Eugenia will talk about baskets and collecting baskets.  At the April meeting, Kate and Will Taylor will talk about ancient and modern Mayan textiles.  The May meeting will feature Sara Lamb.  She will talk about finger braiding.

 After the break, Sharon Gardner presented a program about E-Textiles.  There have been two articles in Handwoven Magazine about them.  The guild supplied small kits with battery, light, and conductive thread for us to sample this technique.