May 2015

May 2015

Meeting: Friday, May 29, 2015

(LAST Friday of the month in May)

Note: in May we will be meeting at a member's home
 for a dye day workshop from 10:00 - 2:00

Diablo Weaving Guild meets in Walnut Creek, usually on the third or fourth Friday of the month from September through June, 10:00 am until noon or a little later. 
New members and guests are welcome. 

In September, December and June we meet at a member's home. Other meetings are usually held at the Thurman Casey Library in Walnut Creek.
Library location details and a map:
Meeting location

Dues for the year 2015 - ’16 are due in May or June. $30 per person, or $40 for family.

Shibori Dye Day Workshop

May 29 out meeting will be dyeing with fiber reactive dyes; a dye workshop for any Shibori projects that members weave-up, at the home of Margie Kaplan.


Time is short and we would like all of you to weave up a woven shibori project for dyeing on the 29th. Following are the logistics and things to bring on that day.

Please email Vilija  if you plan on coming to Dye Day. We would like a ball park number on how many to expect. If you commit and something comes up at the last minute, that’s o.k.  If you weave like mad the night before and can come at the last minute, that’s o.k. too!

  •  Arrive at Margie’s home in Orinda at 10:00. Plenty of parking, but car pools would be helpful. (Margie's address and phone number were sent earlier by email, check your roster or email for address info.)
  • Bring your shibori weaving for the Procion fiber reactive dye pots. The Procion dyes work well for silk, cotton, rayon, and wool. 
  • Please don't bring anything else to dye, only shibori weaving. Our dye pots will be full enough. (OK, a small silk  or cotton scarf hand stitched or wrapped as a shibori technique would also be fine.)
  • Pre-wash your shibori weaving so that the item will be ready to dye. Bring it rinsed and wet in a baggie on the 29th. No need for any kind of pre-dye chemicals at this point.
  • Be sure to bring a pair of rubber gloves! You will not want to dye your hands. You might even want to bring an apron or wear old clothes that you don't mind getting dye on.
  • 10:00-10:30: We will decide on the colors for the dye baths. Our thoughts are that we will have 2-4 dye baths depending on how many people attend.
  •  10:30-12:00: Mix dyes baths and dye fabric. Add salt to activate the dye and washing soda to fix the dyes.
  • All dye materials will be provided by the guild. 
  • 12:00-1:00: Lunch and guild meeting. Guild elections for the coming year will be held during lunch. If you are not there, you may be nominated and elected ;-)
  •  BRING A BAG LUNCH, the guild will provide coffe, tea.
  • 1:00-2:00: Place dyed shibori back in your baggie. Clean up and put back supplies.
  • Take out the pattern thread and rinse your shibori Saturday morning.
  • Bring your shibori to the June guild Picnic so that we can all see/compare the results.
Thank you all, the more members that participate, the more fun this whole project will be.
Mary-Helen, Margie & Vilija

In lieu of snack for the meeting, we will bringing our own bag lunch.

New site for photos and for sale items:

We have just set up a second website, hosted by Wix, to display photos. They have very nice options for photo galleries, and if you don't mind advertising the site is free.

At this point the only photos are of some recent weaving items for sale. However, we could add "show and tell" or other project photos and might want to include the results of some of our workshops. This might replace the current side link, to Saori Weaving, under Guild Photos.

Comments and suggestions welcome!

You may even find something of interest to purchase. Contact Reba for details re the items for sale.

Upcoming meetings: 
Our last meeting of the year is our annual pot luck luncheon on June 12.
See list of  all programs this year: Programs 2014-2015

From the Glenna Harris Weavers:  Jean Shoe   1935-2015

The president of Glenna Harris Weavers Guild has left us and we are selling all  the beautiful contents of her studio

Mountain loom, 8 harness, 12 in wide with table,  $500.00

Lendrum spinning wheel with every attachment available and bag,  $500.00

Warping reel, large, $100.00

Fricke electric spinner ,  $400.00

Floor lamp with magnifying glass, $150.00

Umbrella Swift, wood, $25.00

Shuttles,  $20.00

Folding cart,  $25.00

Navajo rug loom and figures for decoration,  small $25,00, large $35.00

Cotton yarn and fiber,  $2.00/lb       pounds and pounds of this  

Silk, Wool and lots and lots of Linen $4.00/ lb

small items, $1.00 each

Two Hand woven rugs,$50.00 each

Several items for sale on Make An Offer table

Jeans stunningly beautiful hand spun yarn will be sold for $1.00 an ounce

Sale is on April 24 th from 10:am until no one comes, if you need to come after work let us know,                        408-225-3721            530-592-6189

4582 Powderborn Court, San Jose, CA 95136 

Parking is scarce, if needed, park on Joseph Speciale and you can drive up to the garage to load your treasures

Thank you, Glenns Harris Weavers Guild members

Local Events

I'll have Open Studio with 19 artists at Up Town, Oakland again.

 Please come!

Local Berkeley based weaver, Tricia Goldberg, has two tapestries in the faculty exhibition at the Richmond Arts Center. She is also teaching local workshops.

Two Upcoming workshops:


April 10 to May 15, 2015 (six Fridays): The Art of Tapestry Weaving at the Richmond Art Center, Richmond, CA


May 22, 23, and 24, 2015 (FridaySaturday, and Sunday): Tapestry: From Image To Loom , 24, 2015 at the Mendocino Art Center, Mendocino, CA


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