Looms for Sale 2.14.19

Two Looms for Sale in the local area

One is a 45" 8s Bergman, folding countermarche loom.  She is heavy-duty, can take a beating, can easily beat a rug.  Because she is countermarche, she makes a beautiful shed, and she loves high tension weaving.  She folds nicely, fully folded she's roughly 18" deep, front and back fold independently, and she can even be folded while warped.  She comes with a raddle and a couple reeds, and however many lease sticks I can find.  And I just bought new heavy duty steel apron rods for her.  She was built in the 60s, and she has the original string heddles still.  I did some minor repair work on her, but she is in beautiful shape.  She is currently housed in Oakland, and will require at least a mini van to be moved - she cannot be disassembled.  

The other is a 40" 16s AVL folding mechanical dobby loom.  She has a single box fly shuttle, sandpaper beam, auto-advance, sectional and plain warp beams.  She has a rail, a tension box, and either a cone rack or a bobbin rack, I'm not sure which yet.  Possibly both.  I think I have a couple reeds for her, but I have to sort through them.  I have the original binder that came with her for assembly, and she has a handful of new parts that were missing when I bought her.  She is currently housed up in Sonoma County.  She will have to be disassembled to be moved, and it can be done in a mini van.  

Prices on both are negotiable, and I'm willing to work with someone on a payment plan, if necessary. 

Contact: kira@pacbell.net