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Meeting Minutes March 2010

Diablo Weaver’s Guild Meeting Minutes Mar. 19, 2010


Carol Causey called the meeting to order.    Vilija  Deutschman gave the treasurer’s report.  We’re at $2388.07 because of the workshop deposits currently in the account, but that’ll drop to around $600 after upcoming payments are made.


CNCH Announcements: 


CNCH’s new editor, Judy Fischer, is on the job and looking for input for the May issue.  We are all encouraged to contribute.


The Santa Clara conference is just around the corner.  Joan Anderson reported that there will be a committee meeting for the 2012 conference at Santa Clara.  The 2012 conference is scheduled to be put on by the Area 3 guilds (that’s us!).


Joan also announced that CNCH has awarded two scholarships for Convergence 2010: they went to Penny Peters of Loom and Shuttle and Christine Hall of Del Oro.


Upcoming Programs: 


In April, Ann Field will give a talk on devore.  Her workshop in collapse weave follows the meeting.


And in May the program will be in shibori knot tying on scarves.  The May program will tie into the June picnic project, which will be the dyeing half of the tie and dye summer project.  The picnic date is June 11.


Other Announcements:

We were reminded that the date for “Spinning at the Winery” is June 5.


Janet Johnson let us know that Bay Area Basketmakers has a showing at Guala Arts beginning June 12.


And for those interested in such, Susi Hodges let us know that the Bowers Museum in Santa Ana is showing an exhibit of the Mummies of Urumchi March 25 to July 25.  This should be of interest to folks who have followed Elizabeth Wayland Barber’s work in Women’s Work and The Mummies of Urumchi, and is a rare opportunity to see this material outside of China.


March’s Program: 

Our March meeting was a talk from Julianne Bramson on her bias clothing designs.


Respectfully submitted,  Kris Peerand