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Meeting Minutes Feb 2010

Diablo Weaver’s Guild Meeting Minutes Feb. 19, 2010


Vilija Deutschman (standing in for Carol) called the meeting to order.    Vilija  also gave the treasurer’s report.  We’re flush at $1947.35 because of the workshop deposits currently in the account.


As of the meeting, the Ann Field workshop registrant count was 10, so it is a “go”.


Upcoming Programs: 

The March  program will be Julianne Bramson speaking on her bias clothing designs.


In April, Ann Field will give a talk on devore.  Her workshop in collapse weave follows the meeting.


And in May the program will be in shibori knot tying.  The May program will tie (get it?) into the June picnic project, which will be the dyeing half of the tie and dye summer project.


Other Announcements:

Will Taylor announced that the official date for “Spinning at the Winery” is June 5.


February’s Program: 

Our February meeting was a talk from Bobbie Irwin on weaving iridescence.


Respectfully submitted,  Kris Peerand