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CNCH 2015

Information from Joan about CNCH 2015, April 9 - 12 at the Asilomar Conference Center

Registration for CNCH 2015 opens on Nov 1 around 9 am.  Information about classes is available on cnch.org and then go to the left sidebar to CNCH 2015, http://www.cnch.org/conferences/cnch2015/.  All teachers, dates, activities are listed.

This is an exciting conference as it is at Asilomar that many of us love and the classes are for 2 1/2 days.  There is a beginning weaving class as well as more advanced.  There are a number of spinning classes and then there are other things that may be of interest.  Asilomar was designed by Julia Morgan (the designer of Hearst Castle). 

You will need to make a separate reservation with Asilomar with a special code provided on Regonline.  The cost of staying there is for room and board.  The food is very good and it is nice to all eat together. Rooms are most comfortable with two to a room. The rooms are very nice and some have fireplaces. They have made some improvements both to rooms, pathways and other facilities.
The number of attendees are limited due to classroom size restrictions so register early.
CNCH2015 Grant/Scholarship
CNCH offers 5 grants for the full early bird registration, one for each of our five areas in our conference. The grant is not need based but you need to complete an application listed under forms at CNCH.org.  The application needs to be sent in by Nov 1. It can be completed online, faxed or mailed according to the instructions.  It is judged by three people on the Advisory Council and is an anonymous judging. You must register for the class you want on Nov 1 or later. We cannot hold a space in a class as RegOnline does not allow this.  We will let the recipients know by Nov 15 after checking membership and registration and then they will be sent a check for full registration. Consider it as it is worth $300.